Home of the Bounty Hunters Guild

The Guild Reborn...

Life, death, and rebirth - the circle continues on. This latest incarnation of the legendary group is led by Guild Master Nozual, with the goal of bringing together hunters who have pride in their profession, honor in their word, and will live by the Bounty Hunters’ Creed.

The Bounty Hunters Guild was, is, and shall be a home to those who cleanse the galaxy of its filth where governments and security forces dare not venture or hold no jurisdiction. Bounties shall not be posted in the open, and hunters shall be licensed with codenames, ensuring confidentiality for all clients and members. Besides bounty acquisitions, they can also be hired to protect clients and cargo. They serve no governments and take no sides. In the darkest corners and alleyways they lurk, waiting to strike fear into the hearts of those who scorn the rightful order of the galaxy.

Those brave beings that choose to enter the profession must meet the highest standards of honor and ability, and will be equipped with the best weaponry available. The foolish and incompetent will not last a day! Come, join us, and help rid the galaxy of its filth!